Battery and Power Comsumption of the Omate TrueSmart watch

Preliminary Battery Runtimes:[1]

NOTE : These are preliminary results and not final, we will continue to test battery usage over time in order to obtain more accurate reflection of battery life.

2G GSM Standby
est. 100 hours
2G GSM Talktime
est. 240 min
Charging time
est. 3-4 hours
3G On Standby Only (Screen off)
100 hours
Wifi On Only (Screen off)
400 hours
Bluetooth On Only (Standby / Screen off)
400 hours
Bluetooth On Only (Active, eg. talking, listening to music / Screen off)
12 hours
GPS On Only (Screen off)
300 hours
Screen On (brightness set to highest)
5.5 hours
Screen On (brightness set to lowest)
8 hours
GPS On + Screen On (brightness set to lowest)
7.5 hours
3G On + GPS On + Screen On (brightness set to lowest)
7 hours

  • 3G will not use much more battery than 2G if the 3G signal is strong. If the signal is poor or fluctuating, however, it may drain your battery as much as twice as fast compared to 2G. 2G coverage is quite consistent and mature everywhere so 2G battery life is seem to be consistently lower. 3G coverage has matured much over the years but is still not as mature as 2G, so when 3G signal is weak, the battery drain is a lot more, giving the impression that 3G uses more power than 2G. We still don't have good enough data on 3G active usage, and very much depends on how strong the 3G signal is. Based on the above it would be correct to assume it's very similar to smartphones these days.
  • Tethering as in using TrueSmart 3G for other devices = 3G + Bluetooth or 3G + Wifi, based on guesstimates from the data, it would be close to 200min. Tethering to a phone as in using the Phone's 3G to provide data to TrueSmart (using as companion), then it would be simply an active Bluetooth or active Wifi connection, between 12+ hours (active continuous data transfer) and 400 hours (standby)[2]

What is the typical battery life?

Omate TrueSmart is designed for daily use with a 600mAh high capacity battery, the highest capacity for any smartwatch now (150%-600% more, eg. compared to Sony's 110mAh). Standby Time: 100 hours / Talktime 240min. This is very comparable to a smartphone because of the newest low-power processor. and a smaller with screen with less pixels to power, compared to smartphones. With the intention to be a companion and as well as extend beyond the smartphone, TrueSmart is designed to have similar power performance as a smartphone and this intention has been achieved. With only bluetooth paired, and receiving some messages, it should last at least a day, and perhaps two. This should improve further in future with Bluetooth 4.0 implemented in the operating system update and more future phones with Bluetooth 4.0 built in. With the screen on and GPS running, the watch is expected to run for more than 4-5 hours, according to a comment from Omate.

How do I charge it?

There is a special proprietary cable that connects to the four pins at the bottom of the watch. In order to have the watch fully water-proof the connector must put pressure on the pins to slightly push them into the case. Only then the contact is made to the PCB. That way water contact to the pins does not discharge the battery while swimming etc. The cable does have a standard USB connector on the other side. So can use every standard USB charger, even charge it with an USB car charger.

Can I charge it while wearing?

yes you can wear and charge it at the same time, might draw some looks from passer-bys but I already assume that's not a problem :-) (needs to be edited for clarity, this was an answer based on someone who asked if his 3rd party wrist battery can be connected to the watch while being worn)

Does it have wireless charging?

Wireless charging still needs to develop further, we have tried several in the labs, they still need a bigger surface to have a meaningful charge. That surface is ok in a smartphone but not on the smartwatch, plus it does add quite some thickness.

How long does it take to fully charge an empty battery?

Typically 3-4 hours.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes, the TrueSmart battery is replaceable. Involves unscrewing the back cover, so not for quick swap out...

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